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VRI was founded in 1999 and has successfully grown into an international company delivering world class business solutions and services in many diverse industry sectors. Our teams work with corporations by using data driven decisions to transform business strategies into profitable operations which are aligned with company strategies, goals and governance policies.

Our solutions span through the initial identification, assessment and diagnoses of process excellence opportunities to the design of delivery and sustainment of those processes. Our consulting methodology combined with proven Lean & Six Sigma process models and frameworks ensure reduced costs, improved productivity, and high ROI for all our engagements.


Our approach supports all our clients in their business, manufacturing or operational programs and deployments or even specific one-off initiatives. We help clients drive lasting systemic change, we work collaboratively across functions and business units, providing innovative and fully customizable solutions including the following:

Many of our consultants have the highest professional qualifications and are experts in their respective industry fields, whether in Health Care, Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Logistics, Oil & Gas, Mining, Environmental, Government or other service sectors. All combine a broad-range of consulting experience with specialized knowledge of in each of their respective fields. Each possesses extensive work backgrounds as a forefront to their resumes, many of which included Lean Six Sigma specialized training, deployment, and facilitation experience.

In our experience, objective and practical solutions allow a business to grow and become more responsive to its customers, driving revenue growth. Our Consulting & Training Services drive cultural change, create uniformity in operations and most importantly create the internal capability and culture required for continuous improvement. VRI has a long consulting history with its major clients and many of whom use VRI as their sole and preferred service provider both domestically and globally. VRI and its consultants have helped our clients structure and facilitate multiple Lean & Six Sigma program deployments and Business Process Improvement and/or Transformation Projects. In the last 20+ years, VRI has gone on to execute over 1000 projects with cumulative savings of over $4.4 billion.

We recognize that each organization is unique and implementing appropriate transformation and/or Change Management programs can be a complex proposition. We collaborate with organizations striving to become high-performance businesses, first, to translate their strategic objectives into actionable projects, and then to deploy teams to drive results. Our deeply skilled resources address issues ranging from broad strategic business challenges to targeted Kaizen projects.

We understand that the transformation process requires fundamental sequential preparation in the key following facets:


To drive measurable business outcomes by identifying the hands-on, pragmatic improvements that will create value. Clearly link strategy to execution. 


To eliminate process duplication and complexity and improve decision-making by standardizing and streamlining work processes.


To accelerate the development of lean and agile processes by reducing cycle time, boosting flexibility, managing workflow better and sharing information collaboratively.


To develop robust performance management by establishing repeatable, predictable processes that connect long-term planning with daily execution. 


To design a road map to business transformation. Develop frameworks that support and sustain the improvement agenda. Take the right transformation pathway to optimizing time and resources.


To deliver insightful, customized programming to best suit our client’s needs.

Consulting works best when performed as a collaborative effort between the client and consultant. That is how we approach each contract. We clearly understand that “TEAMWORK” is important to the success of a project. Our management systems and methodologies are designed to deliver the most value for our client’s dollar. We will apply our policies of quality, timeliness, and superior customer service to each project performed under any contract. It is our goal to be the most responsive consulting company you have ever worked with, and we will demonstrate our commitment to that goal for every project on which we work.

Understanding the challenges facing all team members will help develop the foundations of our implementation and sustainability plan(s). We prioritize the critical responsibilities of each team member and develop a clear outline and understanding of these activities. VRI will provide the following benefits to any agency:

You will find several outstanding qualities that run throughout the organization: professional, motivated, proactive, detail-oriented, qualified, experienced, empowered, honest, respectful and fair. We are people you can work with, who want your project to be successful based on your priorities. The combination of personal commitment and corporate operational strategy creates a business environment for success: commitment to customer satisfaction, on-time delivery with the highest standard of professional service.

We strive to set ourselves apart from our competition and will propose a team of experienced professionals that have significant business consulting, transformation and/or Lean & Six Sigma experience for any given deployment. Our executive management team will assess and then select individuals who have successfully worked together on other projects and will be fully committed to all projects.

With the deep bench of experienced of consultants, coupled with our corporate experience makes VRI an excellent candidate for any government, end user or owner program. We will gladly compete for and successfully perform the projects included in any RFP (Request for Proposal) while working and partnering with your staff in order to increase your satisfaction.

Thank you for the opportunity to present our technical expertise, experience, training and consulting solution services to your company. The VRI Team is proud of our success in private consulting, and we look forward to bringing our expertise to work for you and many other government facets. VRI is very interested in providing you information for Sources Sought Notices and looks forward to responding to your solicitation when they have been issued.


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VRI, Variance Reduction International, Inc.
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